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🎄 Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

🎄 Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

The Rare Plant Fairy is here to prove that Santa’s helper for houseplants lovers is not an elf but a fairy! Here you can find the perfect plant for any budget. Below are some we picked out within three price brackets: under $50, from $50-$100, and over $100.

Under $50

For the Santa looking for a stocking stuffer or the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Alocasia Azlanii $20
If you’re looking for something with a bit more color, look no further than the alocasia azlanii. As part of the class of jewel alocasias, this gem is distinguished by its deep reddish-purple metallic leaves and pink veining. Their high gloss metallic finish is featured on both sides allowing it to sparkle from any angle.
Philodendron Gloriosum $35
This one is for those who love massive, velvety heart-shaped leaves. The philodendron gloriosum is an easy to care and relatively low light tolerant crawler. Just make sure to give it a long pot and sit back and watch it grow. The giant dark form gloriosum we have in our shop has leaves over 2 ft long. We even offer 2 varieties of gloriosum: the dark form has deep green leaves and the “zebra” which has extra stripy veining compared to the standard green form. 
dark form:
Philodendron Ring of Fire $35
The philodendron ring of fire is a special show stopping plant. With its sawtooth leaves and multicolor variegation of oranges, yellows and creams some might actually mistake it for a cozy fire. It won’t keep you warm but it’s a pleasure to see each new leaf unfurl to reveal a new striking pattern.



For those with a middle-of-the road budget, there are is a variety of plants in our shop to choose from including:

Anthurium dorayaki $65
The anthurium dorayaki is so named for the Japanese dessert that consists of two pancakes with a sweet filling in between (traditionally a red bean paste). With their cute rotund leaves and sparkly thick silver veins, they could easily be mistaken for holiday ornaments. But please don’t try hanging this on a tree! The dorayaki much prefers more humidity and light than even a lighted Christmas tree can provide.
Alocasia Jacklyn $65
Looking for a reindeer in plant form? Sometimes known locally in its native habit in Indonesia as alocasia ‘tandurusa’ which means ‘antlers,’ the alocasia jacklyn features a long arrow shape, deep lobes, and prominent near-black veins making it stand out amongst the vast jungle of non-variegated tropicals.
Philodendron paraiso verde $55
What makes the philodendron paraiso verde worth buying is not for its minty green leaves speckled with darker greens, but its ability to mark the passing of seasons through its variegation. Most plant lovers are aware that in a lot of cases, a plants’ variegation is dependent on light, however there are those like the paraiso verde whose variegation is temperature dependent.
Anoectochilus hybrid 'Rose Gold' Jewel orchid $75
Jewel orchids are a relatively new addition to our nursery and we don’t know why it took us so long to bring them in. Although modest in size, their foliage on the other hand is anything but. This itty bitty plant packs a punch in a tiny package. Their black leaves lighten to a dark green near the petiole and each leaf is lined with these straight, central rose gold veins where numerous offshoots of rose gold lightning strikes out from.

Over $100

For the ambitious gifter who’s in search of something a little extra for their special someone. Or just possibly to spoil oneself (we don’t judge).

Thai Constellation starting at $145
We would be remiss to not have our greenhouse staple on this list. Their beautifully fenestrated form and creamy white starry variegation will always have a special spot at the Rare Plant Fairy. Some might be thinking, “(s)he has that plant already” but do they have the one? This author currently has four Thai Constellations in their elusive search for the perfect one (as she glares at the perfect half-moon specimen just sitting in the nursery far from her wallet’s reach). Whether it be a high color Thai Constellation, a half-moon one, or something more luxurious like a Crème Brule or Fairy Dust we most likely have it.
Syngonium red spot tricolor $145
Pink plants are all the rage in the rare plant world and while you can now get the philodendron pink princess at your local hardware store nowadays, the syngonium red spot tricolor is a bit more uncommon. Their arrow shaped leaves are covered in patches of pink, white and speckled throughout. Enough to satisfy anyone with a love for pink plants.
Musa Florida starting at $195
How about ditching the traditional Christmas tree and getting a variegated banana tree instead? Another solid variegated tropical amongst us, these grow fast. Their leaves are long with an outer white layer filled out with patches of green. And while probably not the best tree to hang lights on or top with a star, with such beautiful leaves it needs no other decoration!
Fun fact: if you’re lucky and your tree bears fruit, you will find they are also variegated!


Now if your mind is just paralyzed from all these choices or if you have a picky plant lover on your hands, (the author could possibly be guilty of such) there is always the safe and sure option of sending them a gift card. These digital gift cards start from $50 and go all the way up to $1000. They only require the recipient’s email address to send.

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