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Winter is coming 🥶

Winter is coming 🥶

The seasons are changing and you may notice some changes in your plants, such as browning of variegated parts of leaves or yellowing leaves. Here are some tips that will help your plants thrive.

As temperatures drop, the growth rate of your plants will slow down. They will not need to be watered or fed as often. Be mindful of the temperature of the water you use for watering. Often times plant owners forget that water straight from the tap is ice cold in the winter. Make sure the water is at room temperature by leaving it out to warm up overnight. If you keep your plants next to a window and you live in a cold region, be mindful of drafts and low temperatures, especially at night. 

In the winter, the sun is lower on the horizon and plants get fewer hours of sunlight. If you rely on natural light, consider supplementing with grow lights in the morning and evenings so that your plants get 12 hours of light.

Ambient air humidity usually drops in the winter as well. If you don’t have a greenhouse, there’s a few things you can do. Try your best to weather strip the room where you keep your plants such as sealing your windows and door gaps. Many plant collectors keep a humidifier running in their plant rooms. If that’s not an option, you can create a microclimate by placing plant pots on pebble trays filled with water and/or huddling your plants closer together.

I hope you found this helpful. Until next time!

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