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Free standard shipping for plant only orders over $100 within the continental US. Free weather checks + heat packs/insulation.


Plant Care

What growing medium do you use?

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Most plants are grown in soilless mediums such as pure sphagnum, sphagnum and perlite mix, pure perlite, and pon.

What conditions do you grow under?

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Our indoor nursery is kept at 75% humidity and 75F year round. All plants are kept under full spectrum LED lights on a 12 hour cycle. The intensity of light received by each species is modulated by adjusting the number of lights and the distance from the light source.

What to do when my plant arrives?

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Carefully remove the wrapping and slowly let the plant adjust to life outside of a box. If the medium is bone dry, water it lightly. If the medium feels damp or wet, allow it to dry for a few more days. Place the plant in an area with good airflow and low light and allow it to gradually acclimate to the appropriate lighting conditions needed. Refer to this blog post for more information:


What soil mix do you recommend?

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At our nursery, we grow 99% of our plants in soilless medium. For some of our very large mother plants, we use promix, orchid bark and perlite.

How do I water plants grown in sphagnum moss?

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We pack our sphagnum moss very tightly in the pot which allows the moss to absorb a lot of water and also allows it to dry quickly. Simply pour water from the top of the pot, filling the pot to the brim. Wait and allow the moss to absorb the water.


Where do you ship from?

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We ship straight from the Rare Plant Fairy nursery in east Detroit. Depending on the temperature locally and at the destination we may include insulation and/or heat packs.

Can you ship to California?

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Yes, we are certified to ship to all 50 states.

Can you ship to Canada?

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Yes. Canadian orders ship from Windsor, ON starting on August, 2022. We offer $50 flat rate express shipping. Please allow extra processing time of approximately 1-2 weeks.

Do you ship internationally?

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Yes, we source all required phytosanitary documentation from the United States Department of Agriculture for shipping to international customers. The $80 cost for phytosanitary certification is borne by the buyer. It is up to the buyer to verify that importation is legal and obtain any required import permits.

Can you combine shipping for multiple plants?

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Absolutely! As long as the name and shipping addresses on the orders match and we have not shipped your existing order, we can combine your orders in one box.

Can you hold shipping until a certain date?

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We can hold shipping for up to 2 weeks. Simply write in the notes when you check out. Our shipping days are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Do you guarantee live arrival of all plants?

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We are partnered with Route for package protection insurance to cover the full value of your order against loss, theft, or damage (including plants that didn't survive the journey). Upon checkout, you will be asked if you want to opt out of Route coverage. By default it will be added onto your order. We highly recommend it! Information about the simple Route claims process is available at the checkout stage.

If you have any questions regarding the condition of your plant upon arrival please document it photographically within 6 hours of receipt and contact us at hello@rareplantfairy.com.

Store Information & Policies

Do you offer local pick up?

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Yes! Simply select "local pick up" at checkout and email us (hello@rareplantfairy.com) to arrange a pick up time.

What is "grower's choice"?

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Listings that are "grower's choice" means that you are buying a plant that is similar to the stock photo in terms of plant size and color level.

Can I preorder a plant?

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No. Due to the nature of our business we only offer plants for sale once we have confirmed their size, condition, and level of variegation with our own eyes. 

What payment methods do you accept?

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For online sales we accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, credit card, and debit card. In-store shoppers can pay via PayPal, Venmo, credit card, or debit card.

What is your return policy?

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We do not accept returns or offer refunds.

If you have an issue with the condition of a plant upon arrival please document it photographically within 6 hours of receipt and contact us at hello@rareplantfairy.com 

Do you wholesale?

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Wholesale purchasing is available to customers with a brick and mortar location, tax identification number, nursery license (if required under state law), and a reputation for quality service. Please create a customer account under Login and submit an application under Wholesale at the bottom of the homepage. We will review your information and let you know if the application is accepted. If so we will make your account Wholesale Qualified and you will be able to shop accordingly. Note that there is a minimum cart value/number of plants to check out a wholesale order.

Do you offer payment plans?

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Yes. Upon checkout you are able to selcted installment payments through a third party service.

If I submit a wholesale application, do I still have to create a customer account?

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Yes. The wholesale application does not automatically create a customer account. Wholesale applications are reviewed by our team. If wholesale access is granted, the corresponding customer account is tagged as such. When logged in, wholesale qualified customers are able to access the Wholesale —> Shop Wholesale section of the webiste.

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Shopping from outside the US?

A Phytosanitary Certificate will be required and needs to be added to your cart for any plant purchases.



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